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ContentActive is in the App business!!!

ContentActive is proud to announce that we are now building mobile applications. Not just mobile Apps, but Apps using Hybrid technologies with full support from both Apple, Android and Windows. 

We've built a robust core using back-end data management to feed the application from any source, perform front-end feed management and allow cacheing so that your data is always available and never disappears. All of this is possible within a design framework that allows for full creativity during the app building process, rivaling device dependent applications.

ContentActive has already launched two (2) applications into the Android and Apple App Stores that deliver robust employee value for our clients Employer Flexible and Touchpoints.


Employer Flexible App - PEO 

Built on ContentActive’s core using Hybrid technologies, Employer Flexible is delivering the following benefits to their 13k+ work site employees:

  • Insurance Card Display within Mobile App
  • Fax and Email Card to Doctor’s Offices
  • Display current and previous Payroll Information, including insurance, deductible and more information
  • Contact and support help specific to the contact managing the account
  • Pin to show additional data 

Touchpoints – Benefit Advisory and Insurance

Touchpoints can deliver its mobile App to 1700+ customers representing thousands of employees allowing each company to deliver benefit information to their employees as needed. The application delivers the following features to employees:

  • Insurance Card Lists – using Camera feature to take photos of insurance cards
  • Fax and Email of Card to Doctor’s Offices
  • Medical Contact list of Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals and more
  • Employee Type Defined benefits – Example Full-Time or Part-Time benefits allowing employees to get their correct benefits when they need them where ever they are.
  • News and Resources
  • Wellness

In today’s world of mobility, and all of the different ways information is communicated including  Text, SEO, Email, Social Media, Print and more, companies are looking to find ways to create engagement opportunities with their clients. 

In order to create true engagement with a client, a company must provide value in their mobile app that can be utilized repeatedly and routinely. ContentActive would like to provide these engagement opportunities to you and your clients and we're ready to schedule a free sit-down consultation with you today. Please click here to request additional information.

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