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Breaking the 3 Second Barrier; How to Make Your Website Visitors Stay!

We’ve said it before and we will say it again…you have 3 seconds to catch your visitors attention. To put that in perspective, it takes 1/3 of a second to blink… That’s right, blink! So to say that it can be a challenge to capture a visitor’s attention and ultimately leave an impression that makes visitors want to take action, is an understatement. There are several components that every website should have to actively want your visitor to stay and explore your site.

Responsive Design: We will address one of the most obvious but often overlooked element of a website, how they respond to different interfaces. We’re in a mobile-dominated generation, so if your website isn’t responsive to multiple platforms, you can eliminate a large percentage of your potential client base.  Your website needs to be responsive, period. It’s your introduction to a potential client; your chance to show what your company is made of and how it represents itself. So, give your organization the spotlight it deserves! 

Example: Our Client, Command Energy. 

Command (2)

Appearance/Graphics/Videos:  It is also important that the appearance of your site is taken into account. One of the best enhancements that you can implement is the addition of images and videos. If possible, steer clear of using stock images, though. They can come across as cheesy and staged. Ensure that white space is used appropriately, which will minimize clutter and keep the design consistent throughout. 

Example: Our Client, Helix Energy Solutions.


Compelling Content: Content is what drives people to your website. It’s where they learn about your products and services and how to contact you. Therefore, it is essential to utilize call to actions! Direct your visitor to the action you want them to take such as donating, volunteering, contact forms, or sign-ups! In order to cast your client reach further, it’s important to link your content to create SEO, keep your content up to date, steer clear of pop-up ads, utilize testimonials and know your audience! 

Example: Our Client, The Houston Food Bank.

Food Bank

Free “Swag” or Takeaways: The saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but what if you can give your “diners” a sample of what you have to offer? That’s the goal with a takeaway or a white paper. Visitors should be able to download a free resource of information that could yield the answer for them. This gives your visitors insight into your company and members of your team, creating a channel of communication that could potentially create leads for you. It can also add intrigue to the consumer’s experience, further increasing the amount of time spent on your site.

Example: Our Client, PKF Texas.


Ease of Navigation/Speed: The final elements of an appealing site that will attract long-term visitors are the layout and speed at which your site loads.  Ease of navigation shouldn’t be underestimated, most people will leave your website if they cannot figure out where things are located. The navigation of your site should be easy and logical, with all prominent objectives available within “One-Click!” Loading speed is an equally important factor, as having a clunky and over-complicated site is another good way to turn customers away. It is imperative to take all of these factors into account when you are designing your website, creating content and choosing the right firm to implement your changes.

Example: Our Client, UpSkill Houston.


ContentActive’s websites average an over 40% increase in views, clicks and hits with our redesigns. We are the “One-Click” people that offer solutions to improve your website!  Reach us at 713-491-4980 or email tgarvin@contentactive.com to set up an appointment!

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