Planning your Application Development

A few points to think about when planning to develop an application for your business, ensuring these are done the right way will help cut down plenty of risks and issues that you might have encountered if you would not have considered taking similar steps or not doing them right.

  1. Understand your business process
  2. Identify the workflow
  3. Identify the stakeholders in every workflow
  4. Find the key responsibilities of the users
  5. Identify the pain points that blocks the user from completing their day to day activities
  6. Do not aim to handle all what if's - focus only on the important ones that are bound to happen frequently
  7. Build the system for novice users and provide advanced options for experts
  8. Develop a list of modules and list only the key features required to run the business activities
  9. Be available to the vendors developing the system to give them enough information to build it right
  10. No application can be perfect in the first go . Bare in mind in order to make it perfect you got to keep optimizing it and building it to suit your business and keep improving