ContentActive’s 10 year anniversary!

This year marks ContentActive’s 10 year anniversary! As we reminisce about how far we’ve come, we are humbled by our roots and what brought us to where we are today. In a world that is constantly changing and updating, we are thankful that we have remained one of the country’s leaders in web innovation and effectiveness.

Our journey began when ContentActive was part of InfoVine. InfoVine did print, mail and interactive services for non-profits. Brian Gaubert was an original partner and Leisa Holland-Nelson joined the company in 2003 on a Marketing Consulting project. Together, they created the products that are now ContentActive.

ContentActive began as a simple website developer in 2006. Through ingenuity, persistence, energy, and skill these partners have built a powerhouse of the web, mobile app, and custom application development. In our first year, sales doubled. Over time, ContentActive came to understand that a great product, delivered on time, as promised will win in every situation.

In 2009, ContentActive became the first company in Houston to market a mobile site conversion tool. Our mobile website product, ContentMobi, in 2011 and Responsive Design in 2012 were also the game-changers of their time. More recently, industry leader Apache Cordoba named one of our mobile apps, FanReact, one of their Top 10 New Apps for 2015. FanReact has also won a Crystal Award for Best Mobile App!

We are always searching for new and innovative projects to add to our repertoire! So, what’s to come in the future for ContentActive? We have created a lab, in order to remain at the forefront of technology. ContentActive is actively researching drones, virtual reality and much more. We are also looking into acquiring and/or merging with other companies who present a mutually beneficial opportunity and share in our pursuit of the best technological marketing and e-commerce solutions for our clients.

We are not only celebrating the success of our company but our clients’ as well. ContentActive is proud to be in business with the BEST in the business for the last 10 years. We couldn’t be where we are today without you.

Here’s to many more!