Four Reasons Why Going Mobile is a Brilliant Marketing Strategy

There is a definite “need for speed” in our generation and marketers should take notice. I don’t have to tell you that almost every individual on the planet has a cell phone and, even further, uses their cell phone to make purchases, receive important information and navigate from one point to another. How do we, as marketers, reach our consumers in an effective way that holds their ever-shortening attention span? It’s all about going mobile.


1.       The experience

The experiences that a consumer has with your product, company and staff are some of the biggest determinants of whether or not they will be a repeat customer. As marketing professionals, it is imperative to adapt to the latest trends and, as we all know, the convenience of mobility is the future. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your business needs a mobile application, but every company can benefit from a website that is responsive on multiple platforms. First impressions matter. So, when a customer googles your company and they find your website, if your website isn’t compatible with their cell phone or tablet, you’ve lost at least 50% of your potential client base. Cross-platform compatibility not only enhances your user experience, but provides an extra venue to market your products, services, company and more! If you catch this train now and develop a mobile strategy, you could become more relatable as a company, as this shows that your standards are more in line with those of your consumers. This could potentially give you a competitive edge over your outdated competition, building client familiarity with your company that would continue to draw business from repeats and referrals far after your competitors have "caught up.”


2.       You are accessible right at their fingertips

Mobility is also important because it can strongly increase traffic to your company and brand. With the ease of use, customers will spend more quality time on your site, not having to filter through confusing design, dated content or unresponsive user interfaces. Instead, customers will be able to use a mobile application or mobile website to make their purchases, donate or contact you in just “One-Click!” The amount of time customers are willing spend on a laptop/desktop based website is rapidly becoming shorter. This is another reason why a mobile application could pair perfectly with your responsive website. Adding mobility doesn’t only make the job of the consumer easier but it also simplifies marketers' lives. It makes it easier and quicker for the client to find you, contact you and learn about you.


3.       Increases engagement between you and your clients

Communication is a key factor to any marketing strategy. There needs to be an open and direct line of communication between you and your customer and one of the best ways to achieve this is through a mobile device. Mobile technology allows for you to reach your customer nearly 24/7, as most people don't go anywhere without their cell phone or tablet. Mobile applications are also great for customization, meaning that it's easy to adapt to the needs of the consumer. By creating targeted ads and developing push notifications, marketing professionals can tailor their mobile application content to reach specific markets. As a result, this will increase conversions and client engagement.


4.       Build a stronger brand

Lastly, it is important to understand that without a mobile strategy, your brand will be limited in who it can reach. One of the largest advantages of having a mobile component to your business is that your mobile website/application is a “blank canvas” for your company. It can be developed into whatever you want it to be, the sky is the limit! The lines separating your business from one medium to another are blurred as you integrate your content with various social media sites and forums. Quickly, your website gains the presence you need with all of today's social platforms at its disposal.

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