"The Experience Economy" - CA Labs GetSynd App gets covered in George Perez / Bedrock City Comics Signing

Modernize.  There’s little doubt we’re in "the experience economy."

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"Events are becoming a bigger thing, the experience is becoming a bigger thing," Cochran says.  "The picture has become a really big deal."

And so Bedrock partnered up with GetSynd.  Two GetSynd reps came in with iPads and took pictures of customers with Pérez if they wanted them.  Pérez finger-signed the pic right on the screen, and GetSynd sent the pic to the customer’s email.  It’s the autograph wrinkle for the selfie era, and Cochran found her way to put some twists on it.

"Customers could get an additional coupon from us when they shared it on social media," she says.  "We had a digital frame made up with the Bedrock City and GetSynd logos on it, so every time people shared the picture, it had our ID on it."

Bedrock suggested specific tags such as #BRC to make it easy to find the GetSynd photos.  And Bedrock was able to add to their email list from participants.

"Additionally, now I know, ‘These are people who go to signings,’" Cochran says.  "So when I’m targeting events, I have a segmented list.  I might not want to send them our weekly newsletter, but I might want to send them invites to events.  There’s a better chance of those people responding to that, so that list is important to me."

Time Product to Event. Pérez considers himself effectively retired as an artist.  Still, he has a massive backlist, and Bedrock was able to key their event just after the release of a new Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 3 from DC.  Bedrock also made sure their customers wouldn’t be shut out.

"We did preorders and let customers buy books to be picked up at the store," Cochran says.  "That way, they didn’t have to stand in line again to pay for them, and more importantly, they were guaranteed.  We weren’t going to run out on your preorder."