News Launched!

OCTOBER 4, 2018 - HOUSTON is launched. The solution provides patients the convenience of checking in from home while giving Urgent and Emergency Centers full patient flow management and visualization with EMR integration. 

Urgent Care Centers can now receive check-ins from patients who are using their mobile devices away from the location and auto alerts the center when the patient walks into the center. The integrated solution gives the center full visibility so they can manage overall time from the waiting area to the room and check-out.

Some key features are as follows:

  • Branded App, Kiosk and Website CheckIns
  • Text, Voice and Email Notifications
  • Auto CheckIn Alert Upon Arrival
  • Intelligent Queue Management
  • Drag/Drop Patient Room Management
  • PM/EMR Integration with Analytics

Visual analytics provide insight of the overall process, from the types of check-ins (mobile, walk-in, urgent), to average times in rooms and geo map of where check-ins came from.

"Our patient satisfaction and volume have increased for all locations. We now have full visibility into the patient flow process!" - CEO - Juliet Breeze, MD (Next Level Urgent Care - Houston, TX) customer of

"Our mission is to use technology to increase overall patient flow and satisfaction while increasing visibility and revenue for the Urgent Care centers... and we are just getting started!", says founder Brian Gaubert. is a solution developed out of our labs initiative by creating companies out of innovative ideas using best of breed technologies.